Prochoice Petfood

Professional's Choice

Each of us bears a great responsibility towards the world.

It should be our philosophy to use the resources our world offers consciously and live in harmony with the environment.

Let's Make The World A Better Place

While our four-legged friends make our lives more beautiful; we aim to make the world better for ourselves and for them.

Sustainability Focused Production and Supply

Our production processes are coordinated to meet sustainable standards. Throughout the entire supply chain, we place great value on the health and future of our planet as well as all beings. We continue to make innovations and investments on projects that support this vision.

Team Spirit

Sustainability means much more to us than using environmentally friendly materials and alternative energy sources. We care about the well-being of our employees and provide them and their pets with a safe, positive and stimulating workplace. Apart from the friends we have adopted, we support our colleagues to come to work with their pets.