Prochoice Petfood

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Who we are?

Three friends came together with the idea to prepare food for their beloved pets. Their aim was to make sure their pets did not eat anything they themselves wouldn’t! So with the help of expert veterinarians and animal nutritionists they founded “Prochoice”. Today, we are a big family with more than 150 employees, 26 dogs and 30 cats.

Our passion and #1 priority is to make sure that our furry friends live a happy and healthy life. We believe that our pets, to whom we feel very close in every sense, are not different from us in terms of their affection for food. Your cats and dogs will feel like gourmets while eating our appetizing foods prepared using natural and fresh ingredients!

We work very closely with marvelous vets and nutritionists to make delicious, quality recipes using wholesome ingredients. All our pet foods are produced according to a special recipe with carefully selected and prepared ingredients designed by experts, and then tested for flavor, palatability, and nutrients.