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Enjoy summer safely with your pets.

Things that you should do to enjoy summer safely with your pets.

8/1/2021Ertuğrul Demirci

Summer holidays are even more enjoyable with our pets! But sometimes the hot weather and tiring holiday tempo can endanger their health. There are a number of measures we can take to avoid such situations.

Some of these measures are;

  • Do not leave your pet in the car in the summer heat, even for a short time! When the car is not running, the interior can quickly overheat.

  • In hot weather, our pawed friends can get thirsty just like us. That's why keeping their water container full at all times gives them some relief.

  • If your pet is very furry, it will feel even more hot and life will become very difficult for him. To prevent this, you can shave his hair in the summer months.

  • Realizing that our little friends are very overwhelmed in the heat, we might think putting some ice cubes in their water might be refreshing for them. Unfortunately, no matter how refreshing this situation is, it can cause a throat infection and being sick in this heat can make them even more uncomfortable.

  • While walking your pets, be careful not to touch the black asphalt. Asphalt can heat up to 60 degrees in hot weather, especially under the sun. Stepping on asphalt can hurt their paws. It is more comfortable for them to walk on the grass or the sidewalk instead of stepping on the asphalt.

  • If your cute friends spend a lot of time in the greenery in the hot summer months, it is very important to check for ticks when they come home. Ticks can cause serious diseases in our pets. In particular, it is good to take a good look at the abdomen, tail, between the paws and ears.

What is Heat Stroke in Animals? How to Prevent?

In the summer heat, your pets can get heat stroke, which puts their lives at risk. Especially dogs can get very depressed in the summer heat. If their tongue is out or they are tired, creating a cool space will do them good and prevent heatstroke. If your dog is panting, has red eyes, lethargic, irritable, vomiting and fainting, he may have heatstroke and should be taken to the vet as soon as possible. In some extreme cases, your pet's gums appear gray, in which case you should go directly to the vet. Heat stroke is an important condition that should be treated as soon as possible.

Finally, remember to never leave water containers empty! Our pawed friends can get thirsty very quickly in hot weather.