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How To Introduce Cats and Dogs?

What if you have a cat and want to adopt a new puppy? Will they get along?

8/3/2021Ertuğrul Demirci

Let's say you're adopting a puppy and you also have a cat at home. You may worry about how they will get along because we often think that dogs and cats do not get along well. However, how they get along depends entirely on how they meet.

If you have an easily scared cat that you don't see around much, your moment of introduction will be even more important. Dogs love to chase for fun and can't resist when they see a cat running away from them. But the same cannot be said for cats, they do not see it as a game and when they run away It's because they are afraid. It is very important that this scenario does not happen at the first meeting!

The place where you introduce cats and dogs is very important. In the scenario we mentioned above, your introduction place should be indoors. This way, your cat feels safe in a familiar environment. We recommend that you do not release your dog in your home before introducing it with your cat. Otherwise, encountering a foreign dog in an environment where your cat feels free and safe will scare them very much. With this shock and fear, your cat may attack your dog or your dog may attack your cat! 😱

Give your dog a week or so to get used to the house before they meet each other. Take the two of them together in a room when your dog is calm and your cat is full(not hungry). Putting your dog on a leash will prevent your dog from running towards your cat. If your dog is looking at your cat without breaking eye contact and is ready for action, distract him with his favorite treats. You can help them get used to each other by getting them together this way at intervals for 3-5 days. If your dog is barking and becoming aggressive, this process may take a little longer.

With time, your cat and dog will get used to each other and after a while they will not disturb each other even when they are home alone.

During the first month, It's important to be careful even when you think that they are used to each other. In a possible fight, your cat or dog could be seriously injured. 🧿