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Things that you need to know before adopting a dog.

Adopting a puppy. In this blog you will learn what to do when you adopt a new dog.

8/1/2021Ertuğrul Demirci

When you get a new dog in your home, you may need to change your routine a little bit to provide the best life for your dog and yourself. Here are some suggestions for you to go through this process in the easiest and most accurate way:

In order for your dog to adapt to its new arrangement as quickly as possible, you need to establish a routine for your dog. You need to organize your dog's needs, such as walk times, meal times, and playtimes to certain hours. Thus, your dog gets used to the arrangement and learns toilet training much more easily.

Food bowl, food, water bowl and leash are one of the first things you should buy.

The food your dog eats is very important for his health and development. Getting help from your veterinarian in food selection will help you find the right food for your dog's age and breed. Of course, our recommendation is Prochoice Perfect Start for puppies. f

Puppies can be very inquisitive, so they may want to go after everything they see. Sometimes they even run away from home. In this case, it is very important to get a tag with your dog's name and your phone number on it in case someone finds them.

Get a cage in your house according to the size of your dog. It is very important for you to create an environment that he/she will love. Put their favorite toys and bed so they will see it as their own room, and will feel safe and happy.

It is very important to buy a large dog bed for your dog, especially if you don't want them on the furniture. This way, they will be able to unwind and rest with you in their own beds, away from the furniture.

Treats help a lot when training your dog. When your dog does something right, it is necessary to reward them. The simplest form of reward is giving treats.

The first 4-5 weeks is an adaptation period for the dog, and during this period, the bad habits that it is accustomed to from its old habitat may not emerge yet. Teach your new friend rules and new habits during this time. Thus, he learns the rules in a short time. Remember that your new dog is still a baby, they can be very naughty at times. So try not to take your eyes off your dog too much. Being curious, they will chew on whatever they find. Therefore, be careful not to leave cables, shoes, remotes and valuables in the open.

Finally, start socializing your dog from a young age (with people, animals). Otherwise, he will be afraid of other people and animals as he gets older. If he is afraid, he may bark and attack to protect himself.