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Happy Pet Parents

Our Story

Three friends came together with the idea to prepare food for their beloved pets. Their aim was to make sure their pets did not eat anything they themselves wouldn’t! So with the help of ...

Feel Like A Gourmet

“Say goodbye to cheap fast food style foods. Budget friendly, extra delicious Prochoice cat foods are prepared with fresh ingredients. Explore our delicious recipes.

Our Ingredients

Our team of veterinarians and animal nutrition experts makes sure to pick the highest quality ingredients with care for every recipe we make. Our ingredients have a lot of benefits for our furry friends!

Happy Pets in 16 Countries

From production to shelves, we deliver our foods as quickly as possible with perfect logistics planning and process management. This way, our products are always available fresh, no matter where they are in the world.

Man's Best Friend Deserves The Best

Prepared with fresh ingredients and topped with superfoods, Prochoice is exceptionally appetizing and beneficial! Do a favor for your best friend and feed with Prochoice.

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